Find Out More About Purely Green Clean
Bio-Preferred vs Synthetic Cleaners

Are you seeking a healthier solution to hazardous cleaning chemicals?

Do you want a solution that is safer, environmentally friendly, more cost effective AND does a better job than toxic, cancer-causing synthetic cleaners?

Are you among those people who believe that "environmental cleaners" can't work because they're weak and that they're too expensive for you to use?

The Solution: Purely Green Cleaners & Degreasers

Effective: Using "colloidal chemistry," 1st EnviroSafety Inc has perfected the conversion of natural plant extracts into healthier, gentler, more powerful and cheaper cleaning solutions. "Colloidal micelles" are created by precise blending of processed extracts of plants (phyto-chemicals) such as corn, coconut, cactus, grains, sugar cane, tree saps, herb, organic based surfactants and emulsifiers. The molecules created are so small they can only be observed with a powerful electron microscope. These tiny particles squeeze between oil and grime molecules, separating them so they can be easily broken down and wiped or washed away.

Healthier and Safer: Purely Green solutions contain no carcinogenic or mutagenic ingredients, no butyl, chlorine, hydrochloric bleach, phosphates, hydroxides, d-limonene or citric acids. They emit no harsh fumes or odors; cause no skin irritation or burns. Users report reduced coughing, choking, skin and sinus irritations, fatigue and other health issues. Cleaning professionals have reported noticeable health, energy and attitude improvement after switching to Purely Green cleaning products.

Readily Biodegradable: No EPA red flags are raised because Purely Green solutions are safe to dispose of down sewer drains or onto the ground.

Gentle and Strong: Purely Green cleaning solutions are gentle enough to soothe baby's diaper rash or for groomers to shampoo pets, yet strong enough for the grimiest of cleaning projects. Versatile enough for any around-the-house project, it is also effectively used by painters to clean stiff paint brushes, by farmers to clean livestock stalls and by truckers to degrease engines. Amazing…… that it can do all these things and still be safe enough to brush your teeth!

Cost Effective: Purely Green cleaning solutions can replace dozens of hazardous cleaning products. A gallon of Purely Green 25, the standard household solution, will cost approximately $45 plus shipping. Starting dilution for Purely Green 25 is two (2) ounces of concentrate to a quart of water. Most general cleaning tasks can be accomplished with this dilution rate, making Purely Green extremely cost-effective to use.

Guaranteed: In 15 years of business no one has ever requested their money back for any of our products. However, 1st Enviro Safety Inc offers a money-back guarantee on any product purchased. If not satisfied simply return the unused portion and we will reimburse you for the cost of the product (less shipping).

A few comments by consumers who have used Purely Green:

"I am chemically sensitive. Switching to 1st Enviro products saved my health and my business."
Jean Sumrall, Professional House Cleaner

"We use if for everything from cleaning ovens, floors and carpets to windows, bars and tabletops. It's cheap and simple."
Dario Zuljani, Owner, Ariani's 4-Star Restaurant

"It reduced our chemical costs over 70%!"
Richard Ripberger, Supervisor@ Fowler Specialty Inc., Producer of Frito Lay Packaging