Find Out More About Purely Green Clean

Why is everyone switching to PurelyGreen cleaners? They know that most cleaners contain dangerous cancer-causing chemicals such as dioxin, ethylene oxide, butyls, phenols or other hazardous chemicals. Many cause skin and eye irritations, fatigue, headaches, physical and mental illnesses and premature aging.

Why the "PurelyGreen" label? It was inspired by an internally known retailer that surveyed all the "green" cleaners and determined that this was the ONLY "purely green' cleaner/degreaser. Other cleaners labeled as "green" still contained hazardous chemicals.

Why is everyone so excited about PurelyGreen? It is exceptionally effective and biodegradable. PurelyGreen is powerful enough to clean battleships, yet so mild that mothers use it to bathe baby bottoms. PurelyGreen is so safe that some people use it to brush away coffee and nicotine stains from their teeth.

What makes PurelyGreen so much more desirable?
1. PurelyGreen is blended from processed extracts of natural plants. They contain no carcinogens nor do they emit toxic fumes.
2. PurelyGreen is "readily biodegradable." (This is the EPA's most desirable classification.)
3. PurelyGreen works faster and cleans deeper. It tested 105% above Federal Cleaning Efficiency Standards.
4. PurelyGreen costs less. It can be delivered to your door for as little as $0.88 per quart (in concentrate) compared to more than $3.00 plus sales tax for brand name cleaners in supermarkets.

How can cleaners made from plants be more effective than those made from harsh chemicals? 1st EnviroSafety uses the "magic" of quantum chemistry to convert plant extracts into powerful, yet surprisingly gentle solutions that dissolve grease, oil, cellular lipid proteins, soap scum, pesticides, insect stains and other hydrocarbons.

How are they created? When specific extracts are blended at specific time intervals, temperatures and sequences, sub-microscopic particles are created described as "colloidal micelles."

What are the ingredients? PurelyGreen contains extracts from plants such as cactus, coconuts, corn, grain, grass, potatoes, rice, sugar cane, soy, trees, plus minute amounts of bio-based wetting agents. The only synthetic ingredient, used only in a hard surface cleaner, is EDTA. It is so safe chelating doctors use it to remove toxins and heavy metals from patient's arteries.

Can PurelyGreen work as well as harsh chemicals? Yes. PurelyGreen works on the sub-molecular level. It cleans deeper and better. For example, mechanics that had grease in their pores can now enjoy totally clean hands and work clothes.

How does Purely Green work? It works on the quantum physics level. The manufacturing process creates sub-atomic particles that are so small (.000.000, 001 cm) that billions could be placed on a needle point. They are attracted to oil, grease, cellular lipid proteins and other hydrocarbon molecules. They surround individual oil molecules and separate them. Once separated, these molecules can be easily wiped or rinsed away.

Is it true that Purely Green was selected as the "Cleaner of Choice" by the U.S. Naval Center for Environmental Health? Yes. It was selected under a previous label of the same formula.

What was the competition and criteria? The Navy considered over 300 competitive products. The criteria were (1) Effectiveness (2) Biodegradability and (3) Sailor Safety.

Is PurelyGreen versatile? It is exceptionally versatile. It is powerful enough to clean battleships and truck engines, yet mild enough to bathe baby kittens.

Why are restaurant managers so enthusiastic? It is the safest and quickest way to cut grease, clean ovens, floors, carpet, tables, bar tops, clean grease clogged drains, etc without irritating fumes offending their customers.

Why are mothers and grandmothers so pleased? They now have an alternative way to clean without toxic fumes that jeopardize their children's physical and mental development. Researchers suspect that toxic fumes are a cause of child mental instability.

Why are industrial safety officers so enthusiastic? This non-fuming, non-irritating cleaner/degreaser cannot catch fire or explode. Accidents and resulting Workman's Compensation claims are less likely. Expensive protective gear is not needed. Employees prefer the comfort. Additional benefits are: (1) improved employee comfort and health; (2) cost savings for protective clothing; (3) less sick leave taken; (4) less chance of fire, explosion and accidents; (5) fewer Worker's Compensation claims, meaning decreased likelihood of increased insurance costs; (6) less cost for disposal because readily biodegradable cleaners can be poured on the ground or down sewers without risking environmental consequences.

Why are environmentally aware people so supportive of Purely Green? It achieved the EPA's highest cleaner classification, i.e. "Readily Biodegradable," in lab tests. (84.6% in 28 days), It is one of few solvents certified as a "Clean Air Solvent" by the Californian Air Quality Control Board.

Why are environmental officers so pleased with bio-based cleaners? Botanical juices biodegrade rapidly. "Readily biodegradable" solutions require no expensive disposal. Under current known regulations, Purely Green products produce no known EPA "red flags."

Why are Anti-Aging specialists so enthused about replacing cleaners containing VOC's? Free radicals damage brain cells and nerve synapses, slow mental functions and accelerate the aging process. They are also suspected factors in the current epidemic of Alzheimer and Parkinson disease. Replacing toxic cleaners helps reduce VOC's, prolonging youthful health and vigor.

Why are professional house cleaners so thankful? Their daily exposure to toxic chemical fumes cause continued fatigue, headaches, sinus problems, depression, forgetfulness, impaired immune systems and serious illnesses. They are elated to find an alternative to toxic fumes.

Why are professional carpet cleaners so impressed? Customers are now aware that toxic carpet cleaner fumes and residues are especially dangerous. Children and adults may develop mental and physical problems from such exposures. "Green" cleaning professionals have more happy customers, more referrals and earn more money. Because of their constant personal exposure to toxic cleaners, professionals tend to suffer long-term illnesses and premature aging. They are seeking non-toxic chemicals… for their customers and their own health.

PurelyGreen: Reducing America's dependence on foreign oil with American grown ingredients.