Purely Green Organic Cleaners

By Ann P. Tidwell, Ph.D.

Finally… the solution to toxic cleaning chemicals!

With alarm, Americans are becoming aware of the consequences of toxic cleaner exposure. As a grandmother, I was very concerned about my grandchildren’s exposure to those hazardous cleaners under my kitchen sink. Most contain toxic chemicals that can cause burns and emit fumes that may cause long-term physical and mental problems. Until now, the search for a safe cleaner was frustrating. “Environmentally safe” products were

  1. Too expensive
  2. Ineffective.

I was concerned about my family’s health and accidental child poisonings. The EPA has warned about the physical and mental health consequences of toxic cleaner exposure and even from breathing the toxic fumes emitted by toxic cleaners.

I tried many “safe” cleaners. They were expensive. I willingly paid the prices, but there was a problem. They did not work. I was forced back to the toxic cleaners in my local grocery. Fortunately, I found Purely Green Cleaners. This single simple solution solves 95% of all my household cleaning chores and replaces multiple toxins.

I love my savings! I can order “Factory Direct,” delivered to my door in high concentrates. Example: A full gallon of Purely Green Organic Military Strength (formulated for the military) dilutes to make 32 quarts! Or, a 4-gallon case makes 128 quarts! Toxic cleaners cost triple.

For really tough challenges such as ovens and bar-b-que grills, I use WOW! It is industrial strength, formulated for industrial degreasing but homemakers can order it. It has never failed to handle the very toughest challenges. It was named “WOW!” after dozens of mechanics tested it for grimy hand cleaning and exclaimed WOW! $$$ Hint: Take advantage of the 6-quart pack with sprayers, and then re-order economical gallons as refills.

For hand and shower hygiene, I love the special WOW! hand pump dispensers. A $3 French import, they add extra oxygen, making WOW! even more effective. I keep them at all sinks, showers, and in my utility room. Luckily, a free one comes with each 4-gallon case of WOW!

They (1) Work better and (2) cost less! They are hypoallergenic and safer for me, my family, and my grandchildren. They are made with a new nano-technology that permits processing safer, carcinogen-free, biodegradable ingredients into cleaners. We have all cooked and served some of the ingredients. They are created using processed extracts such as cactus, coconut, corn, grain, grass, potatoes, rice, soy, tree sap, weeds, etc. to make fabulous cleaning products.

Toxic chemicals may mutate cells, which may lead to cancer. All 1st EnviroSafety ingredients have been clinically documented as “Mutagen Free,” i.e., will not mutate human or animal cells. The ingredients are also “Genotoxicity Free.” (“Harmless to human & animal cells.”)

All 1st EnviroSafety solutions are 100% free of hazardous chemicals such as ethylene oxide, chlorine, and Triclosan. No nitric, phosphoric, hydrochloric, citric, or sulfuric acids are used. There are no ammonium laureate sulfates, enzymes, isopropyl alcohol, phosphates, or sodium lauryl sulfate. They leave no harmful residue, are non-abrasive, non-fuming, and non-irritating to normal skin.

I have replaced every hazardous cleaner in my home. Not only are they safer for me, my family, and the environment, but they also save me money.

To help you enjoy them, I offer the following hints. Unless stated otherwise, water is always needed. Warm or hot water works faster.

Helpful definition. “Dwell time” is the word used by professional cleaners to describe the amount of time needed to penetrate, dislodge and release dirt, grease, and stains. Fresh dirt and grime clean up easily. Dried, hardened grease and grime need more dwell time. In the following hints, the dwell time is for average challenges. Please adjust it as needed.

“RTU” is Ready-To-Use right from the bottle.

The following suggestions are for homes and offices. Purely Green handles 95+% of all home and office cleaning chores. WOW! easily handles the rest such as grills, ovens, dried oil and/or tar, etc.

Another favorite is “Organic Military Strength,” formulated for the US military. It was one of the few approved by the Navy for ships because it is safe to discharge at sea. It’s also recommended for pleasure boats. A full gallon makes 32 quarts.

Industrial Solution

WOW! is available for industrial challenges such as mechanics, industrial plants, oil rigs, oil spills, ranches, restaurants, ships, trains, etc. Amazingly, this most powerful industrial degreaser is still gentle and safe enough to bathe baby kittens. Commercial firms and sanitation professionals prefer a carton of 4 gallons.

Economical concentrates are available.

For larger bulk savings, call direct: 239-283-1222.

Purely Green Bio-Pesticide

This is exciting! The EPA is alarmed about the huge amounts of toxic residential and agricultural pesticides saturating our food, water, and air with enormous health consequences. The solution is here. Per an internet search, the new Purely Green Bio-Pesticide is the only broad-spectrum pesticide on our planet that has been clinically documented as Carcinogen-Free, Mutagen Free, and whose ingredients have been documented as “harmless to humans and animals.” It is the safer choice for home, office, garden, and farm pest control.

Rather than attacking the brains of insects, humans, pets, and other animals, it works by penetrating and disrupting the insects’ cellular structure. Now, we can all throw out those debilitating mosquito, fly, and garden pesticides.


One of the most insidious and debilitating health problems facing families and businesses is carcinogenic chemicals present in common cleaners and degreasers. Undetectable toxic fumes invade the brain and other organs with every breath. They are a suspected cause of the current epidemic of cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Effective cleaning products contain surfactants. The most commonly used surfactants are petroleum-based and contain traces of two hazardous chemicals. Those chemicals are

(1) Dioxane and (2) Ethylene Oxide.

Dioxane is known by the State of California to cause cancer. Ethylene oxide is known to cause cancer, birth mutations, and other reproductive harm. Cancer has become epidemic. The rapidly increasing number of birth defects is alarming.


Fortunately, 1st EnviroSafety found the solution. After years of research and testing, the undersigned discovered a bio-based wetting agent that (1) replaced petroleum surfactants and (2) greatly improved cleaning efficiency.

1st EnviroSafety bio-based cleaners and degreasers contain neither dioxane nor ethylene oxide. Nor do they contain any other known carcinogen. They are certified carcinogen-free.