"When using toxic cleaners, I suffered constant fatigue, depression and headaches. Within 90 days of switching to PG cleaners I enjoyed tremendous improvements. It saved my health and my business."
Jean S., Professional House Cleaner, CA
"I have used your cleaners for over 10 years. They are cheaper than store brands and actually work better than any store brand I've ever tried. I recommend it to people I know who are concerned about their health and the safety of their children."
R.Rasmussen, SC
"I have witnessed this cleaner remove stains and spots where other products have failed; its versatility seems never ending. The fact it requires no safety precaution & no fear of interaction with other chemicals provides me a comfort. My employees are at less risk and so is the environment."
J.Grow, Bldg Supervisor (Ret),State of Indiana
"It is the best and safest carpet cleaner available. It is fume-free; I no longer suffer headaches or fatigue from cleaning solutions in my business."
J. Brown, Carpet Cleaner, GA
"I just used Purely Green (straight) to clean my gas grill, the knobs, and that stainless steel facing had burnt on grease, as easy as 1. apply, 2. swish, 3. wipe, and it was back to a clean surface."
Mary Ann Michaels
"This is a great very safe product. I've used it for at least 15 yrs. Have bottles in kitchen, bathroom, laundry & garage. Great for anything & everything including bathing grandchildren!"
B. Morefield
"Best stuff around."
K. Scranton
"Purely Green cleaners reduced our cleaning solution costs over 70%."
R. Ripberger, Frito Lay Packaging (Ret)
"Before finding Purely Green cleaning solutions I had to clear my restaurant kitchen before cleaning the oven. Now I clean it in 10 minutes with no toxic fumes."
Dario Z., Restaurant Owner, FL
"When you spray a dry dog with Purely Green cleaner you can watch the dirt drip right off the dog and down the drain. It rinses off instantly and does not dry out a dog's skin leaving them itchy. Purely Green surpassed other shampoos we have used in 20 years of pet grooming"
J. Fahey, Dog Groomer, New Brunswick Canada
"It's the best grease cutter & much more comfortable than those harsh cleaners. My hands and laundry are the cleanest they have ever been. My wife is delighted."
Scott A., Auto Mechanic, Florida

If this is your first visit to our website you may have the mistaken notion that all cleaning products are alike. Not so! Purely Green cleaners and degreasers are a world apart from typical commercial cleaners. Why can we say that?

First, most commercial cleaners on store shelves today contain toxic, cancer-causing chemicals. All Purely Green solutions are formulated from plant based ingredients, are 100% bio-degradable, non-toxic, contain no carcinogens and are non-fuming and odor free. It's part of the history of Purely Green.

Second, for a cleaner to effectively remove grease and grime it has to contain a surfactant. Most commercial companies today use synthetic based surfactants to make their cleaners work. Testimonials from our customers reflect that our Purely Green solutions are phenomenal grease and grime removers, despite containing no hazardous, chemical based surfactants.