Hygienic All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

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Better Hygiene…Better Health

Purely Green nano powered Hygienic Soaps and Cleaners are NOT ordinary soaps but natural plant-sourced particles that easily penetrate deeper, washing away contaminates and achieving optimum hygienic conditions.

Hygienic Cleaners are non-toxic, readily bio-degradable, eco-friendly, bio-based, and contain no animal by-products. They are harmful residue-free, non-abrasive, non-fuming, and hypoallergenic yet powerful enough to replace your hazardous cleaners.

Available in either Quart or Gallon sizes of highly concentrated formula. Also available in drums and totes. Call for wholesale information.

Quart sizes
come with a
trigger sprayer.



Trillions of tiny particles processed 99% from extracts of natural plants such as coconut, grains, grass, sugar & peppermint plus safer surfactants documented as “Genotoxicity Free” (”Harmless to humans and animals”)

The emerging science of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology can replace every hazardous chemical cleaner in your home and business while unleashing the awesome power of quantum mechanics. Trillions of tiny particles quickly penetrate and dissolve dirt, fats, grime, grease, lipids, oils, and soils, giving you exceptional hygienic conditions with no hazardous chemicals such as phosphates, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, triclosan, dioxane or artificial scents or colors.

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1 Quart, 12 Quart Case, 1 Gallon, 2 Gallons, 4 Gallon Case


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