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One of the most insidious and debilitating health problems facing families and businesses is carcinogenic chemicals present in common cleaners and degreasers. Undetectable toxic fumes invade the brain and other organs with every breath. They are a suspected cause of the current epidemic of cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Effective cleaning products contain surfactants. The most commonly used surfactants are petroleum-based and contain traces of two hazardous chemicals. Those chemicals are

(1) Dioxane and (2) Ethylene Oxide.

Dioxane is known by the State of California to cause cancer. Ethylene oxide is known to cause cancer, birth mutations, and other reproductive harm. Cancer has become epidemic. The rapidly increasing number of birth defects is alarming.


Fortunately, 1st EnviroSafety found the solution. After years of research and testing, the undersigned discovered a bio-based wetting agent that (1) replaced petroleum surfactants and (2) greatly improved cleaning efficiency.

1st EnviroSafety bio-based cleaners and degreasers contain neither dioxane nor ethylene oxide. Nor do they contain any other known carcinogen. They are certified carcinogen-free.

Why is everyone switching to botanical, carcinogen-free cleaners?2019-06-19T15:34:49-04:00

Consumers are becoming aware that most cleaners contain dangerous carcinogens such as dioxin, ethylene oxide, butyls, phenols or other hazardous chemicals. Many cause skin and eye irritations, fatigue, headaches, physical and mental illnesses and premature aging.

How can cleaners made from plants be more effective than those made from harsh toxic chemicals?2019-07-22T12:59:46-04:00

1st EnviroSafety uses quantum chemistry to convert plant extracts into powerful, yet surprisingly gentle solutions that dissolve grease, oil, cellular lipid proteins, soap scum, pesticides, insect stains and other hydrocarbons.

What are the ingredients?2019-07-22T13:02:38-04:00

The various proprietary blends contain extracts from plants such as coconuts, corn, grain, grass, potatoes, rice, soy, sugar cane, trees, plus minute amounts of bio-based wetting agents.

Can bio-based cleaners work as well as harsh chemicals?2019-06-19T15:40:56-04:00

Yes. Because they work on the sub- molecular level, they clean deeper and better. For example, mechanics that had grease in their pores can now enjoy totally clean hands and work clothes.

How do they work?2019-07-22T13:07:06-04:00

They work on the quantum physics level. They are attracted to oil, grease, cellular lipid proteins and other hydrocarbon molecules. (The basis of nearly all cleaning and degreasing jobs.) Billions of them surround individual oil molecules and separate them. Once separated, they can easily be wiped or rinsed away.

Is it true that it was selected as tile “Cleaner of Choice” by the U.S. Naval Center for Environmental Health?2019-07-24T16:06:20-04:00

Yes. They considered over 300 competitive products. The criteria were (1) Effectiveness, (2) Biodegradability, (3) Sailor Safety, and (4) Safe Discharge at Sea.

Are the products versatile?2019-06-19T15:43:27-04:00

They are exceptionally versatile. The product that is powerful enough to clean battleships is mild and gentle enough to bathe baby kittens.

Why are restaurant managers so enthusiastic?2019-06-19T15:48:18-04:00

It is the safest and quickest way to cut grease, open grease­ clogged drains, clean ovens, floors, carpet, tables, bar tops, etc. without irritating fumes offending their customers. It will not dissolve hair or other large items. Regular usage of Purely Green solutions prevents grease, soap and sludge build-up.

Why are parents so pleased?2019-07-22T13:10:46-04:00

Parents now have an alternative way to clean without toxic fumes that jeopardize their children’s physical and mental development. Toxic fumes are suspected as a cause of child mental instability and future brain diseases.

Does 1st EnviroSafety offer educational material for children?2019-06-19T16:31:13-04:00

Yes. The nationally acclaimed book, “Julius, the Green Dolphin” tells an enchanting story about a sick boy and his friendship with a rare green dolphin. Price: Only $4.97. Call to order.

Why are professional house cleaners so thankful?2019-06-19T16:33:49-04:00

Their daily exposure to toxic chemical fumes causes continued fatigue, headaches, sinus problems, depression, forgetfulness, impaired immune systems and serious illnesses. They are elated to find an alternative to toxic fumes.

What products are included in your Purely Green line?2019-07-22T13:14:20-04:00

Although we use a variety of labels for our products, they are more related to market simplicity than to differences in our solutions. We offer two basic cleaning product lines – BOTH of which are safer for humans, animals and the environment, are non-toxic and readily bio-degradable:

Purely Green Cleaners and Degreasers – marketed under the labels Purely Green 25 and Organic Cleaner/Degreasers (Military Blend), these products are made from the same basic formulation in different ready-to-use dilutions…designed for the specific purposes described below.

WOW! Industrial Degreaser & Oil Solvent – This line of heavy-duty degreasers is a different formula than our regular Purely Green Cleaners. Designed specifically for extremely heavy oil and grease remediation, this line is more suitable for the commercial or industrial sector.

What are Purely Green (PG) cleaning solutions made of?2019-07-22T13:19:35-04:00

Processed extracts from a variety of natural plants, including but not limited to: corn, coconut, grains, herbs and sugar cane plus bio-degradable surfactants and emulsifiers. They are readily bio-degradable, contain NO harmful toxins, and are safer for humans and animals.

There are many “so-called” safe cleaners on the market today. What makes PG cleaners and degreasers different?2019-05-15T19:02:15-04:00

Unlike traditional cleaners on the market today, PG cleaners contain NO carcinogenic ingredients. That is why we can certify them to be “Carcinogen-Free”. They are safer for humans and the environment.

Are PG cleaners and degreasers safe for the environment?2019-05-15T19:02:29-04:00

Yes! PG cleaners achieved the EPA’s highest cleaner classification of “Readily Biodegradable” in lab tests (84.6% Total Organic Carbon in 28 days). Non-toxic plant juices biodegrade rapidly and so no special disposal procedures are required.


I have been using ordinary cleaners for 20 years. The toxic fumes gave me such headaches, sore throat, burning eyes, sinus discharge and constant fatigue that I could not be a good mother for my children or wife for my husband. I switched to your solution and it changed my life. Thank you, Dr. Tidwell.

Jean Sumrall, Cleaning Professional, California

Before I discovered WOW! I had to clear all employees from my kitchen for cleaning my pizza oven. With WOW!,
I do it in minutes with no interruption for my employees.

Dario Zulzani, Ariani's Italian Ristorante, Florida

WOW! is the greatest gift any restaurant owner could wish for. I will never again operate without it.

Alex Doniga, Owner, Alpine Restaurant, Naples Florida

Bebe, an 85-year-old widow says: Thank you for WOW! It works better, is gentler, and leaves my hands softer and younger looking than all those other soaps like Dove. I am considering using it on my whole body!

Bebe, 85-year-old widow
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