Hygienic Hand Soap Concentrate

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You’ll love our new Hygienic Hand Soap – packaged in economical concentrates for optimum affordability. All our soaps are pet and people-friendly.

Purely Green nano powered Hygienic Soaps and Cleaners are NOT ordinary soaps but natural plant-sourced particles that easily penetrate deeper, washing away contaminates and achieving optimum hygienic conditions.

Ingredients: Trillions of tiny nanoparticles processed from coconut, corn, grains, rice, soy, trees, etc. It contains no ethyl alcohol, proven carcinogen-free, and safer for people and pets. They are hypoallergenic and toxic fume free. Tiny particles easily dissolve and wash away lipids and the toughest grime. Great for invigorating body baths. Leaves surface hygienically clean.

One quart refills 16 dispensers.
Each gallon refills 64 8 to 12 OZ dispensers.

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Hygienic Soap is vastly different from ordinary soaps. It is empowered with the newly emerging science of nanotechnology.

Before the invention of electron microscopes, the existence of nanoparticles was unknown. Since the early 2000’s more research is being accomplished. Silver and other metallic nanoparticles are being used in computer technology.

Some health professionals question the safety of metallic nanoparticles. Not a concern with Hygienic Soap. Purely Green nanoparticles are non-metallic.

Trillions are derived from processed extracts of natural plants such as coconuts, corn, grass, rice, soy, plus safer surfactants.

They emit no toxic fumes and have been clinically documented as mutagen free (noncarcinogenic) and genotoxicity free (“harmless to humans and animal cellular DNA”). They are pet and people-friendly.

Hygienic Soap particles average less than three nano in size. The science is complicated but the simple result is that they easily penetrate and dissolve fats, greases, grime, and oil. They quickly and easily penetrate and dissolve lipid membranes surrounding protein globs.

A micron photo of Hygienic Soap ingredients: Average particle size: only 2.6 nano.

Unlike synthetic chemical sanitizers, nano powered soaps contain no fuming chemicals such as alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, propylene glycol propyl ether, sodium chloride, ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, etc. As the public becomes more aware, such undesirable ingredients may become obsolete.

Better Hygiene; Better Health

Hygienic Hand Soaps are offered in high concentrates to be diluted on site. Optimum hygiene is delightfully affordable.

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