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Some of the most insidious and debilitating health problems facing families and businesses today are the cancer-causing chemicals contained in common cleaners and degreasers. Undetectable toxic fumes invade the brain and other body organs with every breath we take. Researchers have linked the toxins present in synthetic cleaners to a wide variety of health problems including, but not limited to, cancer, heart disease, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer disease.

Nearly every cleaning/degreasing product contains Dioxane and ethylene oxide. Dioxane is known to cause cancer and ethylene oxide is known to cause cancer, birth defects and mutations.

The challenge that soap makers have always faced is that surfactants – or surface-active agents – are necessary to ensure effectiveness. Without effective surfactants, the cleaners will not work. After years of trial and error, Dr. Tidwell was able to accomplish what seemed impossible: development of a bio-based solution that works faster and better than carcinogenic products while safe enough to whiten teeth.

How do Purely Green products accomplish this goal? The answer is in the science of quantum chemistry. Using the magic of quantum chemistry, Dr. Tidwell discovered how to blend processed extracts from natural plants such as coconut, cactus, grass, grain, soy, sugar cane, tree sap, etc., into the quickest acting degreaser yet discovered. During the blending, billions of sub-microscopic particles are created. These particles are so small (.000, 000,001 cm) that they can only be observed with the most powerful electron microscope. Because they are so tiny, they can penetrate between dirt and grime molecules, separating them from surfaces on which they reside. Once separated, the soil and grime can easily be wiped or rinsed away.

The result is a powerful, safe, gentle yet versatile degreaser such as the world has never before enjoyed. Purely Green is safe enough to brush your teeth, while strong enough to clean truck engines and battleships and dissolve hardened diesel and crude oil. They're also significantly less expensive than petroleum based cleaners. Dr. Tidwell's personal certification and money back guarantee is below:

Purely Green products are certified to contain no known carcinogenic or mutagenic contaminates. I offer my personal money-back guarantee on all Purely Green products. If you are not satisfied, return the remaining product in its original container to 1st Enviro Safety Inc and your original purchase price will be refunded.

Ted Tidwell

Ted Tidwell, Formulator
1st Enviro Safety, Inc
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