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Purely Green Formula Information

Purely Green is the trade name for a line of soap products developed by Dr. Ted Tidwell, a successful businessman now residing in SW Florida. Dr. Tidwell came out of retirement in 1997 with the specific goal of finding an organic, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic cleaning solution that would actually work, for the protection of his grandchildren.

The challenge Dr. Tidwell faced was daunting. In order for a cleaner to work it must contain surfactants – or surface-active agents. Without surfactants, cleaners are ineffective. The problem is that most effective surfactants on the market today contain dioxane and/or ethylene oxide, both of which are toxic agents. Dr. Tidwell was able to accomplish what others have not been able to, i.e., develop a non-toxic cleaning formula that DOES work!

To achieve his goals, Dr. Tidwell combined botanical chemicals with the exciting new science of "quantum chemistry." Through the blending of processed extracts of natural plants like coconut, corn, grass, grain, potatoes, soy, sugar cane and trees, a quantum chemistry reaction is created wherein billions of sub-microscopic particles (.000,000,001cm in size) penetrate, separate and lift grease, dirt and grime molecules from surfaces. Once separated, the soil and grime can easily be wiped or rinsed away.

Essentially, Purely Green is a uniquely powerful yet gentle and versatile cleaning solution. It is 99.9% plant based (it does contain a small amount of natural chelate), is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. The product is gentle enough with which to brush your teeth yet powerful enough to clean battleships, boat motors and truck engines.

A recent modification to the Purely Green formula is showing major promise in the cleaning of soils containing residual oil, metals from fertilizers and insecticide residue. Marketed under the name Purely Green Oil Clean, this soil cleanser is expected to become a key aid in cleaning up toxin laden soils.