Find Out More About The History of 1st Enviro Safety

People often ask us about the various products we carry at 1st Enviro Safety Inc. This information sheet is to help explain our solution history and current structure of labels for our cleaning products and our agricultural solutions.

Our basic Purely Green (PG) cleaning and degreasing solutions are the flagship products for Enviro Safety Inc.  Dr. Tidwell started working on those solutions nearly 17 years ago in his quest to find a completely non-toxic, non-carcinogenic soap for his grandkids.  Though our PG cleaners are offered under several different labels (Household Blend, Industrial Blend, Hand Wash, etc), the basic ingredients are the same in all of them. This is a common practice in the manufacturing world – a half dozen conglomerates produce a product and then market it under thousands of names because people like choices in the marketplace.  

The BioWash formula evolved over time as a modification to the original PG solution.  It was developed in response to user feedback on the PG products when applied in the agricultural realm.  If you read our marketing materials you will find that BioWash came about because some of our devoted PG customers found when they washed their plants with it, they had healthier plants and increased yields. The BioWash formula contains similar central ingredients as the Purely Green formula but with elements added that Dr. Tidwell found improved how plants respond.  Dr. Tidwell simply responded to what works and improved on it. The original discovery was a very serendipitous "accident" that is now helping growers all over the world.  

The Purely Green Oil Clean (PG Oil Clean) formula is a further extension of the Purely Green original cleaning and degreasing formula but a much more powerful solution than either Purely Green or BioWash. We call it "Purely Green on steroids".  Lab tests run on the PG Oil Clean formula reflects it actually breaks down oil and grease into colloidal micelles, allowing them to get between grease molecules and surfaces on which they lie, lifting the molecules so they can be easily washed away. In preliminary lab tests the PG Oil Clean solution was not only effective in dissolving petroleum based chemicals but also copper and other trace minerals. We're furiously working to confirm this information through added lab tests on other contaminated soils.  

Purely Green Oil Clean is marketed under 3 labels:  1) Purely Green Oil Clean (our 100% solution which requires dilution). This product is for the heavy industrial cleaning sectors. It is an extremely effective degreaser for areas like mechanic or machine shops.  It can replace heavily toxic, fume-laden and environmentally hazardous chemicals while still being effective at removing grease from machinery and people.

2) WOW! This is a ready-to-use (RTU) heavy duty degreaser. WOW! is made from Purely Green Oil Clean but it’s a better option for the small household use because of its convenience, lower cost and shelf life considerations.

3) Purely Green Oil Clean is also marketed under the label “BioWash Soil Amendment”. The formulas sold under these 2 labels are identical but the Soil Amendment label has been licensed in the State of Florida for use by commercial growers