Hygienic All-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

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WHOLESALE Nanopowered Hygienic All-Purpose Cleaner can replace every hazardous cleaner in your home and business while unleashing the awesome power of nanotechnology. Trillions of tiny particles penetrate and dissolve grease and grime, giving you exceptional hygienic conditions with no hazardous chemicals.

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This item cannot be purchased online. Please call 239-283-1222 to order.


WHOLESALE Nanopowered hygienic All-Purpose Cleaner. Newly emerging hygienic technology. Processed extracts of natural plants are processed into trillions of nanoparticles that quickly yet safely penetrate and lift all soil, dirt, grime, and other contaminants. Ingredients documented as genotoxicity free (“Harmless to human and animal cellular DNA”)

Wholesale direct only – call 239-283-1222.

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12 Quart Case, 72 Quarts (6 cases), 144 Quarts (12 cases), 288 Quarts (24 Cases), 432 Quarts (Pallet of 36 12-qt cases), 2 Gallons, 4 Gallon Case, 16 Gallons (4 cases), 24 Gallons (6 cases), 48 Gallons (12 cases), 72 Gallons (18 cases), 144 Gallons (Pallet of 26 4-gal cases), 55 Gallon Drum, 4 55-Gallon Drums (220 Gallons), 250 Gallon Tote


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