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The COVID-19 Task Force
advises that the best prevention is
social distancing, washing our clothes
and washing our hands.


All coronaviruses share similarities. Most are Gram-negative. Their shape is rounded and they average about 150 nanometers in diameter. To put that in perspective, the diameter of a human hair varies between 75,000 and 100,000 nanometers.

Bio-Chemists say it is neither living nor dead, but a protein globule enveloped in and protected by a lipid (fatty) membrane.

The Orange Ring in the illustration below is the protective lipid envelope.

Harsh chemicals are not needed. Just as soapy water dissolves greasy residues on dishes; Hygienic Soap dissolves the fatty membrane on the virus. When the lipid membrane dissolves, the entire protein glob disintegrates and is easily washed away. The smaller the soap particles, the more efficient, quickly and completely they dissolve the fat.

Purely Green Hygienic Cleaner

Hygienic Soap is vastly different from ordinary soaps. It is powered by the newly emerging science of nanotechnology. It is comprised of trillions of tiny nano-particles derived from processed extracts of natural plants.

Its particles average only about 2.6 nano in size. Compared with the human hair diameter of over 75,000 nano, it is understandable that it quickly penetrates and dissolves the protective lipid membrane of the protein glob.

Unlike chemical-based sanitizers, nano powered soaps have no need for toxic fuming chemicals such as alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, alkyl polyglucoside, propylene glycol propyl ether, sodium chloride, ethyl or isopropyl alcohol, etc.

The ingredients are processed extracts of natural plants such as coconuts, corn, grass, rice, soy, plus safer surfactants. They emit no toxic fumes and have been clinically documented as mutagen free (non-carcinogenic) and genotoxicity free (meaning “harmless to humans and animal cellular DNA”). It is safer for babies.

This powerful, yet safer nanotechnology is establishing a new standard of public health and safety. Quantum physicists are still mystified at its efficacy. It was powerful enough to dissolve and wash away the crude oil from oil-soaked pelicans but, so safe, cheap, and beneficial than harsh chemical sanitizers may soon become obsolete.

When faced with a life or death challenge, why not enjoy the benefits of the latest, effective, and less costly technology?

A micron photo of Hygienic Soap ingredients: Average particle size: only 2.6 nano


Additional Benefits

Nanoparticles are exceptionally versatile and effective. To assure that facilities are clean and hygienic, professional cleaning teams employ them for surface decontamination in offices, factories, hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, schools, homes, dairies, farms, kennels, poultry farms, etc.

They leave countertops and floors hygienically clean, extract embedded contaminants from laundry, yet are gentle enough for invigorating body baths, shampooing dogs and bathing baby kittens.

Another valuable benefit is reduced liability. Customers, employees, families, and pets are not exposed to respiratory or brain-damaging fumes.

Hygienic soaps are available in high concentrates to be diluted on-site providing enticingly affordable hygiene.

Better Hygiene; Better Health

Nanotechnology is the wave of the future. Why continue exposing ourselves, families, employees, and associates to harsh chemicals?

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