One of the most insidious and debilitating health problems facing families and businesses is carcinogenic chemicals present in common cleaners and degreasers. Undetectable toxic fumes invade the brain and other organs with every breath. They are a suspected cause of the current epidemic of cancer, heart disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Effective cleaning products contain surfactants. The most commonly used surfactants are petroleum-based and contain traces of two hazardous chemicals. Those chemicals are

(1) Dioxane and (2) Ethylene Oxide.

Dioxane is known by the State of California to cause cancer. Ethylene oxide is known to cause cancer, birth mutations, and other reproductive harm. Cancer has become epidemic. The rapidly increasing number of birth defects is alarming.


Fortunately, 1st EnviroSafety found the solution. After years of research and testing, the undersigned discovered a bio-based wetting agent that (1) replaced petroleum surfactants and (2) greatly improved cleaning efficiency.

1st EnviroSafety bio-based cleaners and degreasers contain neither dioxane nor ethylene oxide. Nor do they contain any other known carcinogen. They are certified carcinogen-free.