Pineland – A new organic cleaning and degreasing solution surprised chemists at the Material Control and Evaluation Department, Miami-Dade Schools by exceeding Federal efficiency standards for cleaning products.

Mr. John Doerr, Senior Chemist expressed surprise and pleasure that an organic cleaning product could perform so effectively.

The tests were performed at the request of the Florida School Plant Management Association, an association of school health, safety, purchasing officials and custodial personnel.

The high-efficiency certification makes the new plant-based product a desirable alternative to hazardous chemical cleaners used in some schools.

1st EnviroSafety, Inc., blends the new organic cleaning product. The new product is blended from extracts of natural plants such as cactus, corn, grass, grain, potatoes, soy, and trees.

Dr. Tidwell also confirmed that the U.S. Naval Center of Environmental Health approved 1st EnviroSafety’s Organic Cleaner/Degreaser for listing in the Naval Surface Warfare Fleet Procurement Catalogue.

The California Air Quality Control Board also certified it as a “Clean Air Solvent.”